The Creeping Flesh
Columbia / TriStar (1972)
Horror, Sci-Fi
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IMDB   6.3
92 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   PG
Christopher Lee James Hildern
Peter Cushing Emmanuel Hildern
Lorna Heilbron Penelope Hildern
George Benson Waterlow
Kenneth J. Warren Charles Lenny
Duncan Lamont Inspector
Harry Locke Barman
Hedger Wallace Doctor Perry
Michael Ripper Carter Wearing Derby
Catherine Finn Emily
Robert Swann Young Aristocrat
David Bailie Young Doctor
Maurice Bush Karl
Tony Wright Sailor
Marianne Stone Female Assistant
Freddie Francis
Producer Norman Priggen
Michael P. Redbourn
Tony Tenser
Writer Peter Spenceley
Jonathan Rumbold

Peter Cushing delivers one of his finest hand-wringing performances as Emmanuel Hildern, a Victorian man of science who relates a mad tale of horror to his half-brother and professional rival James ( Christopher Lee ). His tale begins with the discovery of the weird skeletal remains of a large unknown humanoid in Papua, new Guinea, which he carts back to England for study. Even more unusual than the skeleton's ghastly appearance is its ability to grow new flesh when moistened with water. Further research reveals that the creature may actually be instilled with the very essence of malevolence (basically freeze-dried, instant evil), indicating that it would be best kept out of the rain. Despite an incongruous subplot involving the doctor's insane daughter, whom he believes can be cured by injections of serum derived from the creature's reanimated tissue, this is an effectively creepy period piece with heady Gothic atmosphere (and a neat twist ending) that ranks among director Freddie Francis 's finest work. — Cavett Binion
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Release Date 6/8/2004
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